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RAP Submission and Assessment Criteria : BSc applied accountancy Project


You get an opportunity to submit your work biannually, in May and November. Before your work is accepted, you will have to pay a RAP submission fee, covering the administrative costs and grading, and obviously you must also be up-to-date with your ACCA account and subscription.
If you are confused and wondering as to why it takes so much time in confirming your result while exam results are expected to be displayed in nearly half this time, the answer is simple: the University’s governing body in the UK regulates the degree and lays down particular prerequisites and controls before a degree can be confirmed. Moreover, since OBU and ACCA are generating this programme in affiliation with each other, both bodies are involved in the procedural delays.

Submission Period 30 deadlines:

Latest date to complete the Professional Ethics module
31 March 2015
Earliest submission of RAP online
1 May 2015
Latest submission of RAP online
20 May 2015
RAP and BSc degree results dispatched
23 September 2015

Submission Period 31 deadlines:

Latest date to complete the Professional Ethics module
30 September 2015
Earliest uploading of RAP to Oxford Brookes University site
1 November 2015
Latest uploading of RAP to Oxford Brookes University site
18 November 2015
RAP and BSc results dispatched
Wednesday 25 March 2016

Submission Period 32 deadlines:

Latest date to complete the Professional Ethics module
Thursday 31st March 2016
Earliest uploading of RAP to Oxford Brookes University site
Sunday 1st May 2016
Latest uploading of RAP to Oxford Brookes University site
Wednesday 18th May 2016
RAP and BSc results dispatched
Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The submission must be made online at the Oxford Brookes University submission portal website by the last date of submission. The link will expire at 12:00 AM (midnight) GMT on the date mentioned on the projects submission dates page. If this date is exceeded and you still haven’t submitted, you will have to wait for the next session to submit your RAP.
In case of any difficulties in uploading your Research and Analysis Project, please refer to the ACCA Office at Oxford Brookes on

Submission Fee Period 30

The submission fee for period 30 of the Oxford Brookes Research and Analysis Project (RAP) is £191.00.
With submission of any project, a project submission fee has to be paid to Oxford Brookes.

Acceptable formats for uploading Research and Analysis Projects:

Microsoft Word (or similar software) must be used to prepare the Report and the written SLS. You will also have to demonstrate some IT expertise by preparing Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint Presentations etc. Also, you will have to upload your files between specific dates (as stated in the Info Pack) to receive your graded result after just a little over 4 months of submission.

Word 97
Word 2000
Rich text format
Plain text
OpenOffice / LibreOffice
PDF file – only allowed for appendices
Excel – all versions – only allowed for appendices
PowerPoint – all versions – only allowed for appendices

Assessment Criteria

The Research and Analysis Project (RAP) is usually the first actual intellectual work that most of the students will ever have to produce. Moreover, the RAP is quite different from regular exams such that you have to conduct a whole research, analyze it and derive conclusions from the analysis all by yourself as this can definitely not be done by using only textbooks and other literature. OBU also understands that every mentor is different and there is always some flexibility in the level of support and counsel provided to students by their different mentors.  Therefore, OBU gives you 3 opportunities to pass the RAP. In case you fail, the marker or moderator will give you a feedback regarding the areas in which you failed as well as about what was done wrong or omitted. This is definitely so unlike other exams where you have to figure all this out by yourself. This guidance helps immensely in resubmissions. Mostly, all you have to do for resubmission is change the topic and/or keep the areas that you passed but focus entirely on the areas that you failed. However for some topics (especially topics 8 and 15), you will have to update the financial information and analysis to show the most recent financial statements available (otherwise you can be failed in areas of Evaluation and Analysis, and/or Understanding of Models and/or Application of Models this time, depending on the assessment criteria you haven’t passed previously).

Assessment Criteria in relation to RAP

 The Criteria in Appendix 1 of the current Information Pack shows how the Research and Analysis Project (RAP), Skills & Learning Statement and the Presentation are going to be assessed. These are divided into 3 areas:

Technical and Professional Skills

To get an overall pass on your Research and Analysis Project (RAP), you must pass all the following four criteria. In essence, these skills would customarily tell the grade that will be given to the RAP if you pass at the first attempt. These are:
·         Understanding of accountancy/business models
·         Application of accountancy/business models
·         Evaluation of information, analysis and conclusions
·         Presentation of project findings
Moreover, you must also be graded as competent in the Graduate Skills in order to pass the overall RAP.

Graduate Skills

There are three graduate skills in which it is compulsory for you to show competence:
·         Communication
·         Information gathering and referencing/citations
·         Information technology

You will unfortunately fail the RAP if any on the above seven criteria does not meet the minimum assessment criteria. In case you fail however, you have to update your report in the future according to the new figures and values, make the necessary improvements in the areas failed and resubmit (before the 10 year time limit is exceeded) to secure an overall pass. If you have ever failed in either Technical & Professional Skills and/or the Graduate Skills, the highest grade that you ever get even on a resubmission is going to be a grade C pass. 
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